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Adventure Sports

If a pounding heart and the quickening of your breath excites you, then Rajasthan has a lot to offer you. The sporting events in this state may be very different but are nonetheless invigorating. So, if you are the types who live from one adventure to another, you will thoroughly enjoy being in Rajasthan. And if you are new to any sport, you'll find all you need to learn and enjoy it as well.

Whether you are interested in short and easy trips to enjoy the diverse flora or in long and challenging excursions, Rajasthan has it all. The lofty Aravalli hills offer several areas ideal for trekking. Wondering through dense forests and lush meadows to clear lakes and rejuvenating waterfalls . the experience is enthralling.

Horse and Camel Polo
Considered the most prominent and elite sports, polo has always been popular in Rajasthan. Horse polo is taken more serious and is played by professional teams with thoroughbred horses. Camel safari provides more amusement and is unique to Rajasthan.

Ballooning / Parasailing / Gliding
A trip in a hot-air balloon over the sandy terrain of Rajasthan, from an historic fort to a magnificent palace, can be very exhilarating. Defying the laws of gravity and parasailing through the wind is thrilling. The large strips of barren land have proved to be ideal for gliding.

The desert is an unusual place for a golf course but as the aristocracy was enamored with this sport, golf courses were laid and maintained. Jaipur has an 18-hole golf course, where you can have a round of golf, in the picturesque surroundings including a palace.

Kite Flying
The Rajputs have always been passionate about flying kites and there are clubs in various cities where this sport is ardently practiced. An international kite flying competition is held in Jaipur, which adds to the fervor. You can buy a couple of colorful kites and join the Rajasthani people in this zestful activity.

Bicycling can be relaxing or exhausting, as you choose it to be. In either case, cycling to experience the crowded streets or to explore the countryside is extremely enjoyable and refreshing. Cycling is also the cheapest mode of transportation.

Water Sports
Angling can be very exciting, especially in Rajasthan's lakes that teem with game fish. Even the most rudimentary angling equipment can result in rich rewards. There are some picturesque and tranquil lakes in Rajasthan that are perfect for swimming and boating.

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