Many people throughout the world have a serious passion for horses. Some like to ride them, either for racing, showjumping or simply recreationally. Others prefer to watch these creatures compete. Spectators can place bets on horse events. Some people appreciate the aesthetic beauty of horses. Their passion is more artistic in nature.

Horse Owners

People who own horses will often develop a special bond with them. The animal is more than just a mere pet. It is a valuable companion and friend. A good owner will spend a considerable amount of time and money to keep their horse healthy and happy.

The horse will also start to have a bond with the owner as it depends on them. The more an owner feeds and rides the horse, the deeper this bond will grow. It is a special privilege to own one of these animals. A lot of people are unable to do so because of financial and logistical restrictions. However, this does not mean they cannot still be passionate about horses.


When it comes to the passion which artists feel for horses, theirs is from a less intimate point of view. They will usually not interact with the animal, but view them from afar. This is evident in the numerous paintings that have been made of horses throughout the centuries. Most of them have the horse in the mid-ground of the framing so that the horse’s entire body is visible. Sometimes an artist will create work that shows the horse from a much closer perspective. However, this is rare.

As well as paintings, horses have appeared in music, film, literature and video games. Many artists seem to have a fascination with them. This is due to a combination of reasons including the size, grace, form and cultural significance of horses.