The Corona pandemic has seen most sports events suspended indefinitely. That has had a significant impact on the gambling world. It has left punters with limited options on which to bet. Horse racing is among the few choices that punters still have, with numerous racing events taking place all across the world. However, spectators are not allowed on the tracks, which is a significant disparity in horseracing. All other possible precautions are also taken to ensure there is no transmission of the COVID-19 virus. You can always stream your favorite horse racing events live from your home. With that, you can also place your bets via online platforms and stand a chance of winning money.

How to Find a Horseracing Event to Bet on

Despite numerous races ongoing, a good number of racing events have also been canceled due to logistics and a variety of other reasons. That means that finding a horse race to bet on is not as easy as it used to be before the pandemic. There are, however, a few ways that you can use to find the best horseracing events on which you can place your bets.

Search Online

The most obvious solution is to search online, given that nearly all bets currently can only be made via mobile or online platforms. Some reliable specialized sites post updates on all the popular racing events, which should be the first place you check for information. If you are registered to an online casino, you can also check the casino website for relevant information regarding the horse racing events on which you can bet. Some of the top casinos will offer detailed information and, at times, even allow you to stream the races live right on the same site.

Check the Media

Some of the major horse racing events are still being advertised on some of the leading media channels, including television, radio, and newspapers. The advertisements will usually include the necessary information about the race, such as the venue and date of the event. In newspapers, you can find a lot more detail, such as the particular horses and jockeys that will be participating in the racing event. Such information will help you to make an informed bet.

Word of Mouth

Given that horseracing is one of the few sporting events that you can currently bet on, nearly all betting enthusiasts are talking about it. For that reason, it is a lot easier to hear of a horse racing event that you can bet on from friends or colleagues.

How to Bet On Horse Racing During the Corona Pandemic

There are hundreds of racetracks worldwide. Some people opt to go enjoy racing events as they place their wagers. On the other hand, you can always place your bets online. Each of these two options has its unique pro and cons. At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has hit hard on sports betting, horse racing fans are only left with the option of placing bets online.

Online betting is a lot more popular because it offers more betting options and is generally a lot easier to use. Now that online betting is the way to go as far as horse racing is concerned, most punters are turning to horse racing as they wait for the pandemic to go away. If you are not familiar with horseracing, the terminology used in this sport can be overwhelming.

Overall, placing a bet online follows a specific order. But before you understand the steps to follow, it is advisable to start by understanding some basic terminology used in horse betting. For starters, you need to have some knowledge of the types of bets availed to bettors.

Straight Win Bets

  • Win: You pick a horse that will win the race.
  • Place: Successfully predict that a horse will finish first or second.
  • Show: Pick the horse that is likely to finish in the first, second, or third places

Exotic Wager Bets

  • Exacta: Successfully predict the first and second-place finishers in order.
  • Trifecta: Pick the first, second, and third position finishers in order
  • Superfecta: Predict successfully the first four positions

Multi-Race Bets

  • Double: Pick the winner in two consecutive races
  • Pick Three: Predict the winner in three consecutive races
  • Pick Four: Choose winners in four consecutive races

When it comes to placing any of these bets, you need to be conversant with odds. Then, you will place your bet in the following order.

1.    Choose a Track

2.    Pick a race number

3.    Choose the number of horses that you are betting on

4.    Pick your bet amount

5.    Choose the type of bet

Betting on horseracing events is straightforward. With most sporting events at a standstill, most racing tracks remain open. That said, the insights shared here are sufficient to help you get started in horseracing.