Popular Horse Jumping Events

Every year, hundreds of prominent horse jumping events are held throughout the world. The history of equestrian events is vast and fascinating, the events having become Olympic sports one century ago. Before then, there were individual equestrian events and they remain popular like they were then. In this article, you will learn about some of the world’s legendary annual horse racing events.

The Kentucky Derby

This is the most popular horse jumping event in the United States since 1875 when the first took place. Since then, it has taken place every first weekend in May, at the Churchill Downs Complex in Louisville. It is always the first competition amongst the three Triple Crown races. However, for the first time in its 146-year history, the May 2020 event was postponed because of the Coronavirus pandemic that has affected the entire world. It will take place on 5th September 2020, although fans might be prevented from attending. It is commonly referred to as “The Run for the Roses,” because of the traditional custom of wrapping the winner with a blanket of roses. The attendance is always the highest in the whole of the North America region. It has become one of the most popular because of the good luck associated with attending the games. Mint Julep is also the traditional drink that those in attendance prefer ordering.

To be crowned as the champion of the series, the horse must be the fastest in all the three races and take home the Triple Crown trophy. Horses must be more than three years of age to compete. Aristides became the first horse to win the derby in 1875 by clocking two minutes and thirty-seven seconds. In the derby’s history, Secretariat becomes the fastest ever winner in 1973 by under a two-minutes time. In 2017, a record of 158,070 attended the derby and witnessed Always Dreaming crossing the finish line in the first position. That made it one of the biggest attendances ever recorded. In 2015, Nyquist won the race missing the two-minutes record less than two seconds. The winner of 2019 was Country House although the track condition was sloppy. Be sure to watch the upcoming event in September for a thrilling competition.

Preakness Stakes

This event is held every third Saturday in May every year at the Pimlico Racecourse in Maryland state. Preakness Stakes marks the second leg in competition for the Triple Crown trophy. There have several changes since the first race held in 1873, although most of the traditions remain the same. The facility has Grade 1 certification and the distance of the race is 1900m. The winner takes home the Woodlawn Vase, a pure silver trophy created in 1860. The horse also receives an award by being wrapped with a blanket made from signature flowers grown in the state. They are known as Black-eyed Susan’s. However, the 145th edition was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is expected to happen on 3rd, 3, 2020, three weeks after the iconic and also delayed Kentucky Derby. Before the race begins, the attending fans join in singing the traditional Maryland state anthem. Fans are delighted by the duplication of Old Clubhouse that paint must climb after having a winner. Jokey and horses are then painted with the colours of the rider and horse to mark the victory.

Calumet Farm owner has recorded the highest number of wins in that category having won 7 times in different years. However, Survivor with George Barbee won the first race clocking two minutes and forty-three seconds in 1873. Justify 2015, with Mike Smith as the Jokey won the 2018 edition. Justify became the thirteenth to the horse to win the Triple Crown trophy. The War of Will won last year’s event, with fans waiting to see who take this year’s event in October.

Dubai World Cup

The Dubai World Cup is among the youngest horse racing championships in the world. It is held annually in the United Arab Emirates and has been in existence since 1996, after holding the first edition. It is group 1 flat race allowing only Northern and Southern hemisphere horses more than 4 and 3 years old, respectively to complete. It is popular for the celebrity status and elegance on the annual championships. Currently, it also the richest race in the world with a money prize of $12 million since last year’s event. There are also nine races for the fans to enjoy and competitors. One is for the Arabian Purebred category while the other eight are contests for the Thoroughbred horses.
The first edition was won by Cigar in 1996 who was inducted the U.S Hall of Fame. It was aired in the U.S for the first time 6 years down the line. Dubai Millennium clocked the race in less than two minutes, 1:59.50, a record that remains unbroken to date. Curlin, one of the most prominent thoroughbreds in world circles won the 2008 trophy. However, Thunder Snow jockeyed by Christophe has won the last two editions of 2018 and 2019. The 25th edition set for 28th March, earlier this year, was also postponed after the COVID-19 pandemic. The race is now set to happen next year with no official communication of the dates.

Other prominent horse racing events around the world are the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France. It is set to take place on Saturday, 3 October later in the year, ending the following day. The Melbourne Cup is the biggest horse racing event held in Melbourne, Australia. It will take the first Tuesday of November as planned earlier.

Some of the events had been postponed after the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic. Some like Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes is set to take place on 5th September, and 3rd October 2020, respectively. The fans are waiting eagerly for the events to be back and enjoy some actions while supporting their favourite thoroughbreds!