Show jumping is one of the primary forms of equestrian sport. During competitions, members of the public regularly bet on the horse they think will win. Predicting a champion is easier said than done. It requires looking at several factors.

Horse Type

Not all horses can succeed in show jumping. They need to have both psychological fortitude and athletic skills. When running up to a hurdle, some horses may be too spooked to make the jump. Champions need to do this without hesitation.

They are not given much space to pick up speed before jumping. Therefore, it is essential that horses can sprint at a fast pace. They should also be able to make sharp turns and navigate around challenging courses.


There is no specific breed which excels alone at show jumping. Even horses with uncertain breeding have been known to do well in this sport. However, being tall is usually essential. Most champions have a height of at least 64 inches. However, Olympic medal winners have been 57 inches in the past. This shows that athletic ability is a more significant factor than height when it comes to winning.

There are also several pony show jumping competitions held around the world. Jockeys are usually in younger age categories between 16 and 18 years old. It is rare for adult pony show jumping to take place on a professional level. In the United States, pony jumping is revered enough to be part of the Show Jumping Hall of Fame.


The type of hurdle being used will also be a factor in the kind of horse needed to win. There are many different fences and jumps utilised in this sport. They can include multiple bars, water ditches, walls and bushes. Trainers and jockeys need to work out how effective their horse will be on specific jumps.