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Desert Healing

You want to come to an amazing place on earth then Rajasthan is the place. For those who are seeking peace of mind, for those who long for total harmony of body, mind and spirit, desert healing is the perfect answer. It aims at healing and cure, while focusing on a healthy mind and a healthy body. And it does all this without any harmful side effects. Does that sound amazing? Well, it certainly is!

There are many branches of this alternative healing. Yoga is a form of exercise that not only aims to tune up the muscles but also the mind. It boosts overall health and improves blood circulation. Ayurveda is based on a system of metaphysical healing. Homeopathy cures through natural products. Massage aids relaxation through easing of tensed muscles and improving blood circulation. Meditation relieves stress and improves longevity. Nature cure causes healing through the use of herbs, fruit, juices and extracts. The common thread among all these is that no medicines are used and hence there are no harmful side effects.

There are several institutes where these forms of alternative healing are taught and offered to visitors. A large number of these health and fitness institutes, ashrams and healing points in various places of Rajasthan. Some of these have found cures for asthma, diabetes and other chronic ailments. Other are well known for their mud therapies for curing respiratory and digestive problems. The one in Shekhawati focuses on the endeavor for peace.

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Mrs. & Mr. Ashish Bhat, Thailand,
17th December 2009

Thanku so much for arranging such a wonderful memorable trip making our honeymoon too lively good Tour guides were too good .They were best at their services.

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Desert Healing
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